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Focus on the Family opposes all forms of legalized gambling for both moral and pragmatic reasons. We believe the net societal effect of our government's ...

Gender in focusgambling as an individual, social ... - SAGE Journals gambling and problem gambling in individual narratives, population .... the family. The qualitative data gives also an insight into female problem gamblers'. Pathologic Gambling - American Family Physician Feb 1, 2000 ... This article exemplifies the AAFP 2000 Annual Clinical Focus on mental health. .... Did gambling make you careless of yourself or your family? Disordered gambling among university-based medical and dental ... The most common forms of gambling were lottery, slot machines, and scratch tickets. ... Disordered gambling among university-based medical and dental patients: A focus on Internet gambling. .... Archives of Family Medicine, 8, 515-520. Petry ... A Biblical Perspective on Gambling -

Strategies to customize responsible gambling messages: a review and ...

What to watch for to combat gambling addiction in children and teens. Millions of kids just like Jerry have become hooked on gambling while still in grade school. Problem gambling: Help and healing for the family This article will focus primarily on the family or those affected by someone with a gambling problem. My observations will come from two perspectives, one as a psychotherapist and internationally certified gambling counselor and the second as the former spouse of a problem gambler.

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Gambling is a vice industry built on deception and fed by the intentional exploitation of human weakness for the sole purpose of monetary gain. Today's video gambling machines (modern slots) are designed to be the most addictive form of gambling ever developed.

Gambling Addiction Info ~ Melanie Dobson My novel Going for Broke was inspired during my time working at Focus on the Family. Dr. James Dobson, our president, was a member of the National Council on Problem Gambling so I heard a lot of frightening statistics about families being destroyed through gambling addiction. WESTERN REGIONAL CONFERENCE ON PROBLEM GAMBLING AWARENESS ... WESTERN REGIONAL CONFERENCE ON PROBLEM GAMBLING AWARENESS FOCUS ON THE FUTURE 1 ABOUT THE CONFERENCE Dear Friends and Colleagues: Focus on the Future is the largest and longest-standing conference on problem gambling awareness in the Pacific Northwest. Launched in 2007, Focus on the Future brings together

Although the main focus on gambling addiction is the financial ruin, gambling addiction often has severe negative consequences to the families of the addict as ...

Gambling Rehab » Rehab Clinics Group Checking into Rehab Clinics Group is a successful first step in beating your addiction. Get in touch with our team to find out more about Gambling Rehab. Nycpg Annual Conference on Problem Gambling The Nycpg Annual Conference seeks to increase NYS professionals' focus and awareness of this devastating disorder, and tools to take action. How can gambling affect your life? - GamCare